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Clear Blue

Pool Services

Looking for the best pool company in Atlanta? Look no further! Clear Blue is a full-service pool maintenance & repair company, with experienced and reliable pool specialists that are always on call. 

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Weekly Pool Service

Each visit we perform the following tasks to keep your pool in excellent shape:

  • Skim surfaces

  • Vacuum

  • Empty skimmer and pump baskets

  • Brush tile 

  • Empty pool cleaner

  • Backwash filter

  • Blow off pool deck

  • Test chemicals

  • Balance pool chemistry 

In addition, we email you a report that recaps our visit. We report the current chemical levels and the corresponding chemical dosages added to balance your pool. We send you a picture of your serviced pool and any other items that need to be called to your attention.

Maintenance & Repairs

Our approach is simple - take care of your pool and equipment as if it were our own. The decision process is focused on the long term. We are working to be your pool service provider not just for this year, but for the next 10 years. High quality maintenance and repairs build trust and lay the foundation for a 10 relationship. 

Like all equipment, pool pumps, motors, filters, and plumbing wear out. Owning a pool inevitably includes these issues - we are the ones to deal with them for you.

Pool openings & closings

For those who open and close their pools, we offer both opening and closing services to get you ready for the sun or the cold. 


  • Remove cover

  • Remove debris

  • Examine and assess the equipment and its operational status

  • Chemically treat and balance pool water


  • Install cover

  • Winterize equipment and water lines

We clean the pool for you!

Reliable & professional service, every single time. 

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