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We clean the pool for you!

Reliable & professional service, every single time. 

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About Us

Clear Blue Pool Service provides high caliber work for the North Metro Atlanta area. Our job is straightforward and we enjoy it. We take your pool condition personally - it is a reflection of the job we do.  

Our work includes 4 Aspects of Service: 

Assess - Each visit includes examining and appraising the condition of your pool. 

Action - We clean all aspect of your pool. 

Prevention - We test your pools chemistry and balance the chemicals in your water. 

Forecast - We certainly do not know everything that will happen to your pool, but we are constantly looking for issues before they emerge as major problems. Filter and pump failures are often

avoidable if routine monitoring of equipment is a weekly occurrence. 

Image by Ferdinand Asakome

We work for YOU!

We work for you. It is our job to leave your pool as perfect as possible. Servicing pools is a great job that includes particular nuances at each individual pool. It is rewarding to leave a sparkling clean pool and knowing its balanced and healthy - ready for you to enjoy. 

If you have questions, please call. We are happy to help.

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